• What is Faida.Com ?
    Faida.com is the new way of trading item and services. It allows you to buy, sell or exchange used and unused items. We promote the idea of exchanging your clutter or unwanted things for the items that you may want at no cost to you and buying and selling your desired items easily.
  • How does it work?
    • List your unwanted items at Faida.com
    • Select item/items of your interest offered by another user
    • Send an exchange request to that user
    • When your request is accepted, meet them up and inspect each other’s items
    • Exchange or reject items
  • Why is it advised to Buy,Sell,Exchange with the user of nearby locality ?
    It is advised to Buy,Sell,Exchange with the user who is close to your locality or is of the same city, so that you can inspect the actual condition of the item and see if you really want to exchange yours with it.
  • What are Faida Reward Points? How can I use them?
    Faida Reward Points are virtual points that you get on almost any activity that you do online also includes exchanging your items. Once your item is exchanged successfully and you give this feedback on the website virtual points are transferred to your account which can later be used to buy Faida.com merchandise.
  • How are we saving resources/ making the world a better place ?
    The moment you indulge yourself in the process of exchanging instead of buying or selling you start saving resources. When we exchange each other’s surplus then those many item are less produced which conserves our natural resources and makes the world a better place.
  • What exactly is Ad Listing ?
    When you are going to list your item on Faida you have to fill a form which will ask you all the basic information of the item, later allowing you to add it to the item listing section. This process of listing your item is known as ad listing.
  • What are listing suggestions by a friend ?
    Imagine a friend of yours is on Faida.com, and they come across a item they think you might be interested in. so they decide to share it with you through social media, this suggestion is termed as “Listing Suggestions By A Friend”.
  • What are combos/ items?
    Items are the individual products listed by a user. Combos on the other hand are combination of more than one item that can be made out of a user’s listed items. You can offer or request combination of more than one item of the same category.
  • What is an Exchange request ? How can I send an exchange request ?
    An exchange request is an offer that you make to another user for any of his listed item or combo of items for any of your listed item or combo. When you find an item of your interest you make an offer with yours and an email will be sent to that user.
  • Can I edit an exchange request, after sending it ?
    Once sent, an exchange request cannot be edited. You can make another exchange request and ask the user to consider latest one instead of the old one.
  • How do I know how many Faida Reward Points I have ?
    Faida.com reward point’s status will be visible on your dashboard when it’s activated with the second phase of FAIDA.COM
  • Where do I get Faida Merchandises from ?
    Faida Merchandises will soon be launched, and you can get them from your own account (dashboard) you can also redeem your Faida reward points. When this section is launched you will be notified through emails.
  • How do I know if my request has been accepted/ rejected ?
    If your exchange request is accepted or rejected you will be notified through email, phone message and notifications on your Faida account. Your Faida account notifications are visible on the top right corner of your account page.
  • How to earn points & badges ?
For more questions/ queries mail us at support@faida.com
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