How to Earn Points & Badges

15 Points
Registration: gives you Faida at every step, register here and start earning..
5 Points
Listing: Clear your clutter today, list the items here that you want to sell or exchange and earn points.
25 Points
Listing+Registration: Register and list Items that you want to sell or exchange today and get 25 bonus points.
25 Points
Registration through Facebook/Twitter/Google+: Difficult to remember so many id’s and passwords, don’t worry, register here through Facebook/Twitter/Google+ and also earn points.
10 Points
Completing your Profile: Complete the incomplete information in your profile at to start earning.
25 Points
Verifying your account: Verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your given E-mail or by submitting correct verification code sent on your given mobile number.
5 Points
User Rating: Why not rate another user of and earn great points.
15 Points
Referring us to 5 different Friends: Faida is more fun with friends! Invite your friends and get 15 points as soon as they register here.
1 Points
Sharing on Email: Help your friend to buy, sell or exchange the items. Share the listing through email and start earning
15 Points
Sharing on Social Media: Buy. Sell. Exchange. Share with your friends & family through social media and add more points to your account. (Facebook, Twitter or Google+).
10, 15, 25, 50 Points
Bonus on adding Multiple Listing: Make some more deal and earn more & more on every listing you add.
Well Profiled: You have to earn it! Complete your profile and earn this badge.
Faida Star Rater: Be a STAR! Rate 5 or more users and earn the FAIDA STAR RATER Badge.
Power Lister: You got the Power! Be our Power lister by listing 15 or more listings. Clear your clutter today and earn yourself a POWER LISTER BADGE.
Super FaidaMan: Want to be a Superman? You can be at Sell or exchange 5 or more of your unwanted items with the items you need and earn yourself a SUPER FAIDA MAN Badge.
Well Connected: More the merrier! Make 10 or more connections at and get a WELL CONNECTED Badge.
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