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About Us

Faida.com started with one simple goal in mind “we are going to change the world in the way people buy, sell & exchange items by making sure that they get better value out of it”.

Things get much more interesting when you can get cash along with exchanging your goods.

At Faida.com we use simple technology in complex ways, to make sure every deal has your Faida in it. Realize a better value of your unwanted stuff by exchanging it or selling it, which may be useful for others.

All this in couple of clicks!!

Get involved in the Faida’s fun and addictive games to earn reward points for virtually everything you do and then use those points to get Faida.com merchandise. Better yet, be on the top of the leaderboard and brag about it to your friends and while you’re doing all this, make the world a better & cleaner place in your own little way, by promoting the recycle/reuse/share economy.

Buy Best …Sell Instantly …Exchange Easily…

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